Thursday, August 20, 2020

The biggest fortnite cheat that no one seems to care about...

So one of the biggest cheats you can do in fortnite is to have the FPS rate at 240+.  What exactly does that do? 

Well its pretty simple, it gives smoother mouse movement/performance and a couple of milliseconds advantage vs people who play at 60 FPS or even more at 30 FPS.  You can do more in the same time frame because of all the extra frames. This is why some of the best players are always ahead of others.  All of them know about playing at 240+ FPS, you can generally see the FPS monitor on screen because its just that important.

Here is a screenshot of Tfue with over 290+ FPS.

290 FPS Fortnite

If you are planning to play competitive and do alot of battle royal, your first goal is to get to at least 240 FPS. Get the latest CPU,GPU and a 240 Hz Monitor for starters to be at base minimum equal with everyone else who knows about the FPS cheat.

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