Monday, August 10, 2020

How to fix epic games launcher sign in error AS-

So today I came across a problem with logging into Fortnite via the epic games launcher.  For whatever reason my login data was removed and I had to re-input both. When I attempted to do that I came across a never ending loop of trying to sign in, pressing the login button and then this sign in failed screen pops up.

Sign in Failed - Error Code: AS-

When I opened up my task manager I noticed one of the processes was being still open even if the launcher was closed out.


I went ahead with a end task in task manager on "UnrealCEFSubProcess" which was showing up in background processes.  This temporarily fixed the issue of the never ending loop. Then I went to the epic game status page and noticed there is a login issue, which was fixed in around 20 minutes. Once that was done I was able to get back in again.

So this fixed my issue with the sign in error of AS- but if you still have problems here are some additional steps to take as a possible solution.

  • Delete the webcache folder for the epicgameslauncher in localappdata.
  • If this fails to fix, try to reinstall the epic games launcher.
  • Make sure as noted above to end task on any UnrealCEFSubProcess in your task manager.
  • Verify the service is up by going to the epic public status page.

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