Thursday, August 13, 2020

Permanent discount for Vbucks when using select payment methods

Starting today, August 13, fortnite is having a permanent discount for vbuck purchases when you use their "epic direct payment" on mobile.  For PC and console players the discount is already available, nothing special has to be done.

 The discount rate is 20% on purchases of 1,000 V-Bucks. Here are the rates with discount and with out.

  • US Dollar
    • $7.99 + Sales Tax via epic direct.
    • Using Google Play or App Store its $9.99  + Sales Tax
  • Euro
    • 7.99€ + VAT via epic direct.
    • Using Google Play or App Store its 9.99€  + VAT
They are also having a special pickaxe called the "Shooting Starstaff" that will be gifted for free for all active players. Here is a screenshot of how that pickaxe looks!

shooting starstaff pickaxe

A little news update due to this discount change. Apple has removed Fortnite from the app store because of this discount which makes it more cheaper to pay direct then using Apple. The owners of Fortnite have sent in legal documents challenging the removal. This is a unfolding story so stay turned down the line for more updates.

Update #2 - Google Play has also now removed Fortnite app!

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