Thursday, August 20, 2020

The biggest fortnite cheat that no one seems to care about...

So one of the biggest cheats you can do in fortnite is to have the FPS rate at 240+.  What exactly does that do? 

Well its pretty simple, it gives smoother mouse movement/performance and a couple of milliseconds advantage vs people who play at 60 FPS or even more at 30 FPS.  You can do more in the same time frame because of all the extra frames. This is why some of the best players are always ahead of others.  All of them know about playing at 240+ FPS, you can generally see the FPS monitor on screen because its just that important.

Here is a screenshot of Tfue with over 290+ FPS.

290 FPS Fortnite

If you are planning to play competitive and do alot of battle royal, your first goal is to get to at least 240 FPS. Get the latest CPU,GPU and a 240 Hz Monitor for starters to be at base minimum equal with everyone else who knows about the FPS cheat.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Permanent discount for Vbucks when using select payment methods

Starting today, August 13, fortnite is having a permanent discount for vbuck purchases when you use their "epic direct payment" on mobile.  For PC and console players the discount is already available, nothing special has to be done.

 The discount rate is 20% on purchases of 1,000 V-Bucks. Here are the rates with discount and with out.

  • US Dollar
    • $7.99 + Sales Tax via epic direct.
    • Using Google Play or App Store its $9.99  + Sales Tax
  • Euro
    • 7.99€ + VAT via epic direct.
    • Using Google Play or App Store its 9.99€  + VAT
They are also having a special pickaxe called the "Shooting Starstaff" that will be gifted for free for all active players. Here is a screenshot of how that pickaxe looks!

shooting starstaff pickaxe

A little news update due to this discount change. Apple has removed Fortnite from the app store because of this discount which makes it more cheaper to pay direct then using Apple. The owners of Fortnite have sent in legal documents challenging the removal. This is a unfolding story so stay turned down the line for more updates.

Update #2 - Google Play has also now removed Fortnite app!

Monday, August 10, 2020

How to fix epic games launcher sign in error AS-

So today I came across a problem with logging into Fortnite via the epic games launcher.  For whatever reason my login data was removed and I had to re-input both. When I attempted to do that I came across a never ending loop of trying to sign in, pressing the login button and then this sign in failed screen pops up.

Sign in Failed - Error Code: AS-

When I opened up my task manager I noticed one of the processes was being still open even if the launcher was closed out.


I went ahead with a end task in task manager on "UnrealCEFSubProcess" which was showing up in background processes.  This temporarily fixed the issue of the never ending loop. Then I went to the epic game status page and noticed there is a login issue, which was fixed in around 20 minutes. Once that was done I was able to get back in again.

So this fixed my issue with the sign in error of AS- but if you still have problems here are some additional steps to take as a possible solution.

  • Delete the webcache folder for the epicgameslauncher in localappdata.
  • If this fails to fix, try to reinstall the epic games launcher.
  • Make sure as noted above to end task on any UnrealCEFSubProcess in your task manager.
  • Verify the service is up by going to the epic public status page.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

We Hit A Roadblock error

How to fix the "we hit a roadblock" failed to lock profile error on Save the World mode from Fortnite!

So for whatever reason, during this new season of ventures, every time I complete a mission and try to go into another one right away, this error pop up happens.

we hit a roadblock, failed to lock profile

The only way to fix it manually is to restart the game modes or wait for a period of time.  If you keep trying to restart a mission, it will keep doing it and then after 3 times it should work.  Hopefully the developers can fix this issue so it doesn't occur anymore.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

When was save the world first released?

The first release of fortnite save the world mode was on July 25, 2017 on windows, mac, playstation 4 and xbox one.

fortnite logo When will save the world be free to play? 

Unfortunately, they have changed the plan to make save the world free to play, it will be a premium buy to play experience.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Are save the world servers down?

Here is how to check if fortnite save the world servers are down. Go to the epic games official status page URL:

Once you go to this webpage click on the fortnite section's plus icon.

Epic Games Public Status
That will expand the section and show all the various checks on services and if they are operational or not.

fortnite status