How to contact us!

Here are a variety of ways to provide feedback or comments.
  • Twitter - @gamingwithdaopa
  • Reddit - daopa
  • Steam - daopa
You can also contact via the comments section below. If you like to contact us ingame on fortnite, you can use our epic games handle of DaOpa.  Add us as friends and at some point we will accept your request.

Here is a quick guide on how to add friends in the epic game store.

Add a friend on epic game store

  1. Click on the friends button on the epic game store, that will pop up a window.
  2. On the window that popped up, the middle icon is the Add Friends button. Click on that and it will pop up another window.
  3. After the last window shows up, it has a text box for add a friend, type DaOpa and then press the send button.

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