Sunday, June 6, 2021

Save the world free

Fortnite save the world free?

Sadly the answer is no and they have no plans to make it free either. You will have to buy that game mode in order to play it. So everyone who was waiting for when will fortnite save the world be free wonder no more.

Fortnite save the world price / cost is currently $15.99 and is available for PC/Mac, playstation 4, playstation 5 and xbox. Buy now with our epic creator code link if your interesting in fortnite save the world mode.

Robo-Ray pack for unlocking save the world pve mode
Due note that save the world mode gives you free vbucks which you can use in the other battle royal mode. Everyday you get daily missions that give you 50 bucks and the daily login rewards sometimes give you 500 to 1000 free vbucks.

Here is a video of a daily fortnite save the world login rewarding free vbucks:

If you enjoy pve type of content, I definitely recommend getting the save the world mode, its tower defense with interesting sandbox elements mixed into it.