Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to crouch in fortnite

Guide on how to crouch on fortnite battle royale.

Depending on the game platform you are playing on will determine the button configuration required to perform the crouch ability. Here is a quick guide on how to do it on the various platforms.


Press Left CTRL

On PS4

Standard Layout: L1
Quick Builder: L1
Combat Pro: Right Thumb Stick, Tap to crouch)


Standard Layout: LB
Quick Builder: LB
Combat Pro: Right Thumb Stick, Tap to crouch)

How to claim twitch prime fortnite pack 2 loot and skins

Guide on how to claim the free fortnite twitch prime pack 2 skin, emote and loot.

Another Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 2 is available for all prime users on Twitch. Here is a list of the items from the second pack.
    outfit trailblazer
  • Battle Royale Trailblazer Skin
  • True North Back Bling
  • Tenderizer Pickaxe
  • Feestylin' Emote
How to claim the fortnite twitch prime pack 2.

Step 1

Login to your Twitch Prime account.

Step 2

Link your Epic Account to your Twitch Prime account.

Do this by going to the following URL:

Step 3

Redeem the rewards on the Twitch Prime splash page on the following URL: