Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to download Fortnite Battle Royal

Guide on how to download Fornite Battle Royal game using these simple steps.

  1. Register for the game at the following link:
    https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/homeFortnite Register Account Page

  2. After completing account register, download the EPIC Game launcher.
    • Click on the Epic Games Logo on the Top Left of the website
    • On the drop down menu select "GET EPIC Games"
  3. Install the EPIC Games Launcher
  4. Go to the Fortnite Tab inside the Epic Games Launcher and press install.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 10 - Helper

Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 10
Helping out another player on a Stonewood storm shield defense 10 mission on Fortnite.
Video Clip:

100+ Mini Llama Reward Openings

112 Mini Llama Reward Openings
Over 112 mini llama loot rewards opening up on Fortnite. Some silver's llamas but sadly no gold llamas appeared.

Video Clip:

Repair the Shelter Mission Solo

Repair the Shelter Mission Solo
Repair the Shelter mission solo video clip using a ninja hero. It took a while to get it done but its achievable with a base and some npc defenders. I wasn't able to make a shotgun so one of the defenders was not useful at all.

Video Clip:

First went around the map and cleared all the sleeping NPCs. Then did some resource farming and started to setup a base, walls and traps. After that I setup a defenders post across the street from the base. Started up the shelter and went around to find the hidden caches. Also had to do the SEE-Bot a couple of times.


Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 4

Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 4
Plankerton storm shield defense 4 on Fortnite, my base with box traps captures a majority of the npcs during some of the waves.

Video Clip:

Schematic XP Llama Rewards

Schematic XP Llama Rewards
This is a special reward from the collection book, at around level 20 range.

Schematic XP Llama Reward
Video Clip:

How to find Mimics in missions

Quick tip on how to find mimics in missions for daily quests and other mission requirements.

Mimics are spawned from opening up certain chests which can be found on a majority of maps during missions.

Mimic Spawn

Video clip showing a mimic spawn, be warned they attack

When opening up a chest that contains a mimic, it will make a a screeching noise and the chest will start to tilt side to side. Mimic's also move faster then normal husks, and their attacks do more damage then usual.