Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mythic Lead Survivor List

Mythic Lead Survivor List - displays all the available mythic grade lead survivors, name and personality type.

Unique Doctors
Marlin King Gregson "Noctor" Holmes May "Treky" Jenson
Competitive Analytical Pragmatic

Unique Engineers
Lacey "Countess" Ads Emma "Maths" Nolen Jeev Sobs
Pragmatic Analytical Dreamer

Unique Explorers
Saka "Birdie" Gale Amy "Eagle" Deerhart Ned "Spacebound" Legstrong
Curious Adventurous Dreamer

Unique Gadgeteers
Hamlet "Fixer" McKinney Kelly "Flak" Solek Ellie "Zapps" Clerk
Analytical Dependable Curious

Unique Inventors
Nick "Frequency" Golub Cary "Rad" Mary Alfred "Square" Winestein
Dreamer Cooperative Pragmatic

Unique Martial Artists
Sie "Dragon" Lung Mishiro "Samurai" Tofune Misha "Tiger" Yu
Adventurous Competitive Dependable

Unique Marksmans
Malcolm Lacy "Princess" Luw Joe "Ramsie" Bo
Cooperative Dependable Adventurous

Unique Personal Trainers
Damon "Sprawl" Fitch Cara "Indiana" Loft Michelle "Yoglattes" Jillard
Cooperative Curious Competitive

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